ADNET Employee part of Award-Winning Team at Ames Research Center

ADNET employee Ryan Spaulding is part of the NASA Earth Exchange (NEX) Development Team at NASA’s Ames Research Center that received a NASA Group Achievement Award for “outstanding achievement in the development and implementation of the NASA Earth Exchange.” The Group Achievement Award is presented to selected groups who have distinguished themselves by making outstanding contributions to the NASA mission.

The NASA Earth Exchange helps Earth scientists access and use Earth science data, models, analysis tools, and scientific results through a centralized computing environment. NEX includes approximately 400 TB of Earth observations and related data, the largest collection within NASA of Earth science datasets for direct access by supercomputing.

Ryan was part of the team that moved the hosting of NEX from the Intelligent Systems Division (Code TI) to the NASA Advanced Supercomputing (NAS) Division, which is responsible for hosting NEX with support from ADNET staff.

The Group Achievement Award was presented to the NEX Development Team at Ames’ annual NASA Honor Awards Ceremony in August.

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