ADNET brings two decades of professional support expertise to the federal government. From technical studies and analyses, to program and professional support including logistics, finance, and acquisition support, ADNET’s staff brings credibility, continuity and reliability to every organization.

ADNET also provides a range of training services, including design, development and support to world-class training programs — blending cutting-edge technology with proven methodologies. Our training solutions support the transformational needs federal agencies face in the 21st century.

ADNET’s professional support services allow federal personnel to focus on their primary responsibilities. Our staff delivers a broad range of services to assist the government in getting the job done – including program management, professional services, technical services, and training.

The reliability you depend on, the quality you deserve…that’s ADNET.

ADNET supports a range of training related services including strategy development to instructor certification and web-based learning techniques. We assess existing and newly developed course materials, including review and analysis of instructor and course participant evaluation sheets. We also identify and develop adult learner objectives, develop presentation formats, design training session activities and instructional content. Finally, we develop performance standards for classroom instruction.

Features of the Program:

  • ADNET defines presentation formats (e.g. traditional classroom instruction, CD-ROM, satellite-based instruction, multimedia and multi-format, internet and intranet delivery).
  • ADNET designs and conducts course evaluations and results investigations (e.g. Kirkpatrick levels 1-4 evaluations).
  • ADNET develops and delivers train-the-trainer courses, including instructor training for delivery, broadcasting or taping presentations as well as instructor certifications and re-certification procedure.
  • ADNET supports the DOT initiative to identify and support the next generation of transportation professionals by managing a robust grants management program.
  • ADNET provides IT and system analysis including database management for web site development.

ADNET provides support services to assist the government in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of Government management processes and procedures. In delivering these services, ADNET provides information, advice, opinions, alternatives, analyses, evaluations, recommendations, and training as needed for the successful performance of ongoing Government operations

  • Program Management – ADNET performs cost, schedule, performance, and risk analysis and assessments to provide information to decision-makers to ensure successful execution of program and task order responsibilities.
  • Acquisition Support – ADNET supports clients in the development and preparation of acquisition related documents including market research reports, acquisition strategy documents, RFPs, and technical evaluation notices.
  • Financial and Budget Support – ADNET professionals’ support budgeting, invoicing, and accounting needs throughout the federal government.
  • Data Management Support – ADNET creates,maintains,and compiles data, performs data analysis,and develops reports,tracking tools, and other results of the analyses.
  • Administrative Support – ADNET has extensive experience planning exhibits, conferences, and events from concept to clean-up for more than 1000 guests.

Federal Agencies are constantly seeking to improve its knowledge of the current operating environment by increasing the connectivity of people in the organization with relevant and current information to make better decisions faster. This requires continuously evaluating existing systems and processes; seeking new tactics, techniques, and procedures to take advantage of new capabilities; and infusing new technologies.

ADNET provides agile and responsive studies, analyses, and evaluations, leveraging innovative processes, concepts and solutions where appropriate, to create cost savings and efficiencies in mission operations. These services require a variety of analytical assessments and evaluations to understand the complex issues involved in developing or improving the current operational environment. ADNET provides the following specific services:

  • Strategic Planning – ADNET provides support, assistance, and advice for the efficient and effective management and operation of organizations, activities and systems to develop and implement plans, programs and procedures.
  • Business Case Analysis Method (ABCAM) – ADNET uses ABCAM to align architecture investments to requirement, priorities and budgets.
  • Logistics Support – ADNET participates in reviewing design documentation and drawings, functional flow diagrams, software requirements, and other information to assure system concepts, architectures, and approaches meet system requirements
  • Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) – ADNET provides short-term experts to provide advice and assistance as needed during contract performance in support of client missions