Information Technology often presents more challenges to organizations than solutions. ADNET brings both an IT philosophy and practice that embraces an IT Service Management Model, based on an industry-standard Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) framework, which helps CIOs deliver sustainable enterprise-wide solutions.

We view IT through the eyes of our customers, placing a premium on the four critical hot buttons today for CIOs and IT managers throughout the government: IT Security, Enterprise Architecture, IT Service Management, and IT Governance. We recognize that IT plays a critical, mission-enabling role in every organization and perform these services for numerous federal agencies nationwide.

ADNET’s delivers award-winning federal IT support guided by proven managers. From cutting-edge, high-speed network architectures to management of highly geographically distributed workstation environments, ADNET’s engineers deliver secure, user-focused support. ADNET’s expertise ranges from 24×7 help desk services to the most advanced network engineering and prototyping.

ADNET takes a comprehensive, integrated approach to enterprise architecture (EA) support. Our goal is to meet the needs of the client, both technical and budget requirements, with products and solutions that are suitable for the client’s environment. We strongly believe in offering the client alternative solutions considering performance, impact on existing systems, and cost comparisons. We involve the customer in each phase to ensure the solution will improve the business operations of the customer. Our overall EA solutions address:

  • Hardware to support multi-level client/server applications and services;
  • Software (both COTS and custom) applications;
  • Data communications requirements and protocols;
  • Constraints imposed by the business and operating environment; and
  • Control, storage, and continuity of operations requirements.

Our EA support is best exemplified through our support at the NASA IV&V Facility, participating on the EA Board helping to map business requirements to IT initiatives. Through our support, we develop and implement tailored solutions that deliver true impact on daily operations to all customers at the facility.

ADNET’s IT Service Management model applies an industry-standard ITIL process framework to integrate, manage, and align our service offerings with customer business requirements. We manage the full lifecycle to ensure our services efficiently enable your mission objectives:

  • Service Strategy – matching services to customer business needs
  • Service Design – designing, developing, and integrating service offerings
  • Service Transition – moving services into production
  • Service Operations – on-going management of services
  • Continual Service Improvement – reporting, evaluating, and improving service performance and value

Our IT Service Management Model transforms IT from a series of disparate technology-based offerings to an integrated set of customer-oriented services which are specifically designed and delivered to enable your specific mission. ADNET brings a wealth of hands-on experience applying an ITIL-based process model for Government and Private Sector customers. We understand the critical need to adapt and align industry standard practices with our customer environment, goals, and priorities. We begin by assessing your current environment and your service objectives. We then work closely with our customers to develop an over-arching IT Service Management roadmap which defines the specific sequence of transformational initiatives in accordance with your objectives and priorities.

ADNET’s commitment to IT Security is unwavering. IT Security requires a 24/7 commitment to excellence, demanding a blend of experienced leaders, premium tools, proven processes, and a balance of innovative ideas and practical concepts. We place a premium on security and we are committed to giving our customers safe, reliable computing environments based on the three key elements of IT Security: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability.

Most important, we recognize that IT Security extends beyond cutting-edge tools, requiring first a philosophy on how to practice IT Security, which cuts across the entire operating infrastructure. ADNET helps to establish the critical security practices that enable people to perform their duties with confidence. Our customized solutions employ key concepts like Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), logical Firewall techniques, and Virtual Private Network (VPN) implementations. By using Authorization/Encryption and Authentication and non-repudiation techniques, ADNET enhances systems security.

We are entrusted by NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and IV&V Facility to support critical IT security initiatives. From serving on the NASA IV&V Security Configuration and Control Board (SCCB) to serving on the IT Security Certification and Accreditation (C&A) Team, we support the IT Security leadership and initiatives that ensure the safety of NASA’s mission.

In this era of tightening budgets and constrained resources, the ability to make informed IT investment decisions is crucial. To this end, ADNET brings innovative processes and tools to implement, support, and execute a comprehensive IT Governance process. Our end-to-end contract management tool – ADNET Contract Enterprise System (ACES) – provides full visibility into IT costs and performance – supplying essential information needed to guide IT management decisions. ADNET’s customer service mangers (CRMs) work closely with our customers to define and evaluate business needs against the existing set of services and work closely with our Enterprise Architects to design or enhance service offerings to meet customer requirements. Each investment decision is backed by a comprehensive business case analysis which assesses the projected benefits and returns against the full lifecycle costs and associated risks. This process ensures IT investment decisions are fully aligned with customer requirements, priorities, and budgets.