ADNET’s engineering and instrumentation support spans dozens of NASA projects, including: X-ray polarimetry and diffractometry research and development support; James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) microshutter technology; the Astro-H SXS (Soft X-ray Spectrometer) microcalorimeter; and the mass spectrometer development for the Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) instrument aboard the Curiosity rover. ADNET made significant contributions to a wide range of sub-orbital projects supporting NASA Goddard’s Sciences and Exploration Directorate. We have provided essential technical support to 11 different projects in the design, fabrication, and/or troubleshooting of over 34 different electronic systems for a total of 80 electrical and electronic systems and sub-systems for space borne instruments, high altitude balloons, sounding rockets, and ground support equipment. This includes the design and fabrication of numerous precision electronic instrument components and the preparation of laboratory facilities for integrating and testing the instruments.

The result of our support is a contractor-customer partnership that ensures that ADNET’s clients are able to exploit the latest technology and receive the most advanced scientific and engineering services regardless of discipline.

ADNET’s Engineering and Technical expertise includes:

  • Mechanical, Thermal, and Optical
  • Instrument Life Cycle Support
  • Solid State Device Research and Development
  • Microwave and Millimeter Wave
  • Cryogenics
  • Fabrication, Assembly, Integration, and Test