Science & Engineering

ADNET maintains a strong science and engineering presence at both NASA and USGS. In part through our generous training allowances and aggressive recruiting, ADNET attracts and maintains internationally known researchers, software and hardware developers, technicians who support virtually all of those two customers’ major missions. Supporting over 50 missions, including both satellite and suborbital missions (balloon and rocket flights), ADNET staff have produced hundreds of refereed technical journal articles and garnered millions of dollars in grants. Our in-house expertise spans an enormous range of space and Earth science disciplines, including:

  • Space physics: Magnetospheric and auroral studies from both satellites and rocket flights
  • Solar astronomy: Science research, satellite operations, system development, and data analysis from the SOHO, STEREO, and SDO missions
  • High energy astrophysics: Instrument support for X-ray satellite missions, data analysis for gamma-ray missions
  • Cosmology: Archival data analysis of the COBE and WMAP missions
  • Planetary science: Data analysis of Uranus and Saturn probes
  • Climate change: Software and system development for the full suite of climate monitoring satellites, plus data production, distribution, and analysis
  • Atmospheric chemistry, dynamics, and pollutants: Software and system development for near-real time data products and advanced analysis, e.g. ozone monitoring
  • Applications of remote sensing: Hurricane data analysis, epidemiology using satellite data and Google Earth, and more
  • ADNET’s engineering efforts extend to the development of cutting-edge search engine and data production techniques, such as the use of Semantic Web technology. We are developing detector arrays for the James Webb Space Telescope (the Hubble’s successor), and infrared detectors for the upgraded Hubble instruments. We are regular attendees at dozens of conferences. The result is a contractor-customer partnership that ensures that ADNET’s clients are able to exploit the latest technology and receive the most advanced scientific and engineering services regardless of discipline.

    ADNET’s Engineering and Technical expertise includes:

  • Systems Engineering Planning /Execution
  • Technical Baseline and Configuration Management
  • Test, Evaluation ,and Verification
  • Modeling, Simulation & Analysis
  • Documentation(Master Plans; Schedules)
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